Wednesday, October 13, 2010


" ;the challenges&trials faced in life. letting go someone extremelydear to me is intolerable hard, I triedto stayput, it keepsme holding on, days afterdays of tears&sleepless nights, I had enough of swollen eyes. afterall, I realised holding onto someone who doesn't feel me thesame anymore is themost hardestpart of the cycle. this time, I'll letgo this excruciating pain & letyou be wht you want to be. ;;all thebest. "

its thebest I cld tolerate with the both of you. even when the moment our rship had almost come to an end, the question of ur thoughts is still her. only her. wht wrong ve i done trying to question& ask her(the third party) to stay away from you, whereas you both were, are inwrong. but the blame is all me. am i so violent in ur heart? honestly? am i just like a stuckedup bitch tht simply hit a slut tht had poisonlove unto my bf so badly? you was theone tht pulled me bck into this rship, bcs you said you wanted me but not her. wht happened at the end? i tried to save this rship.  i gave you ample time& chances. again, & again you wreck it so badly. wht ve she gave to you? why did i lost out to her? give me a remedy. bcs i dont see how great she is, tht rotten our oneyear, threemonths.

the end.

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